About Bluebell Communications

I’m a great advocate of clarity. Whether your media is a brochure, website, leaflet or advert, I aim to give you the right English text that will get your message across to your audience efficiently, effectively and with style.

Bluebell Communications – the writer

Behind the name Bluebell Communications is me, Tori Kelly. Born and bred in the UK and now resident in the Netherlands, I’m fully exploiting my love of my native tongue and affinity for Dutch as my second language. With over fifteen years of copywriting and translating experience, I’ve worked on a broad range of projects, from writing corporate websites to translating client magazines, from editing management books to writing scripts for short corporate videos.

Bluebell Communications – the teacher

As Bluebell Communications, I also exploit my language skills by teaching English to non-native speakers. Again, my experience is diverse. I’ve taught English to bankers, auditors & consultants in the Netherlands, dressmakers and carpenters in Ghana, primary school children in Friesland and ghostwriters at the Dutch Central Bank.

Bluebell Communications – the philosophy

The bluebell as a flower does everything a flower should do. It smells good, looks pretty, has strong roots so it doesn’t collapse or wither at the slightest breeze, survives for years thanks to its perennating bulb, and is generally seen as symbolic of England. I like to compare the characteristics of the bluebell to the texts I write. English texts that do what they’re supposed to do, that read well and are built up logically founded on strong background information, and that are able to survive the test of time.

Bluebell Communications – the style

The texts I write and translate are generally of a business nature. And as the intention is to communicate clearly, I tend to write using a tone that is not highly formal and that relates to the reader. There’s no excessive use of jargon and key information is presented first. It may mean that a text that needs translating also gets edited along the way, so that its audience can understand it better. I realize that in these times of automatic translation, this is a luxury for my clients, but it’s always something they benefit from.

Bluebell Communications – the fields of interest

I enjoy having variety in my work – it means I get to find out about the most interesting people and companies. I love working out what a medical researcher is going to have to study for their PhD, finding out the ins and outs of covert surveillance, hearing about the success of a play I translated the script for, or actually developing an opinion on the pros and cons of toy balloons. I also enjoy catching up on the charities I translate for and going in to teach the children at my local school. And I love reading and writing about food – and cooking what I read. You can find out what I’m working on and more about the people and fields I work for on the Bluebell Communications Facebook page or through Twitter.


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