Simply Hemmingway

I have to say I love The Word of the Day is a classic feature and it can be a challenge trying to use The Word appropriately in everyday conversation, but I like trying to work out where their inspiration is coming from. For instance, today’s word was mumpsimus, a person who obstinately adheres to old customs or ideas in spite of evidence that they are wrong or unreasonable. Could they possibly have been inspired by the goings on in the current episode of Downtown Abbey in which Lady Mary is obstinately hanging on to old aristocratic customs despite the changes taking place in her 1920s England?

Once you’re on the Oxford Dictionaries website, you can easily wile away the time playing word games, checking out quotes and reading blogs. And they’re all timeless. For weeks now I’ve been  meaning to play the 2-minute game on their blog about writing styles. Now I finally have, it turns out my writing style is like Earnest Hemmingway. Hooray! I like the guy – I remember when I first decided I had to read some of his work. I was watching a horror film in a French cinema and someone’s arm got chopped off – write next to a copy of Hemmingway’s book Farewell to Arms. I think I was the only one that laughed, and probably also the only one that then decided to get the book.

Now the dilemma is whether to spend the next spare moment reading another blog or immersing myself in Hemmingway again. Either way, I’m sure it’ll help me in my work!



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