Not quite cross-cultural desserts

IMG-20150802-WA0000The theme for last night’s Great British Bake Off was desserts. It was a bevy of sweetness with creme brulées, Spanish Windtortes (a massive meringue cake) and triple cheesecakes. Yum yum all round at the Great British dinner table.

So this morning I ask my eldest what she would say was a classic Dutch dessert. Without hesitation she answered “yogurt”. “Hmm, ok,” I say, “but what if was a special occasion?” “Oh,” she says. “Then it would be yogurt with strawberries.”

Translation tip: watch out next time you want to translate the Dutch word ‘toetje’ as ‘dessert’ in English. It can conjour up quite different ideas to your readers in the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Africa and wherever else.


The picture above is  of the Pavlova dessert I made for a party. Below is the Spanish Windtorte the Bake Off bakers had to make:…/spanish-605n-425×281.…


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