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Bluebell Communications. Copywriting in English, translating into English and editing English.
Based in the north of the Netherlands, writing for clients wherever they may be.


It’s all about good communication. And I don’t just mean from you to your reader: I mean between you and your copywriter too. Right at the start of a project, in our briefing, you and I establish the aim of the text, the audience, the medium to be used and how your company values will be reflected.

Say what you need to say

The text has to convey the message to your reader the way you want it to, but always keeping in mind what your reader wants, and needs, to know.

Think about the tone you use

Effective communication is more than just making sure the commas are in the right place. It involves getting the style right, using an appropriate tone, presenting the right information and organising it with the relevant arguments using the best structure — and this applies as much to translations as to copywriting and editing work.

Organise your information

Ask for a quote

I can send you a quotation without obligation that is based on the number of hours of work involved in the project. This means you get a fair estimate, and ultimately a fair price, that reflects the work carried out and the subject matter. For instance, a simple but long translation may be quoted at a lower price than a short, but complicated, specialist text. When the project involves translation work, I ask to see the text first so as to be able to make a realistic quotation. Naturally, all correspondence and texts are handled with the strictest confidentiality.

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