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• writing webtexts for a fibre optics business - we're talking connectivity • finding out why trained teachers go back to school - talking to Stenden's international staff

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  • Heidi

    How can you not love Heidi? An absolute classic first published in 1881, I loved it because I could so totally relate to Heidi’s love of the countryside and claustrophobia in the city. (I still do.) And Heidi is such an honest character, trying to keep everyone happy and succeeding best when she’s simply herself; […]

  • Tow Truck Pluk (Pluk van de Petteflet)

    Definitely a book for all ages, Annie M.G. Schmidt’s Tow Truck Pluk has a special place in my heart: I was given the book to help me learn Dutch. It’s a kind of bizarre story about a boy that lives on his own, talks to animals and drives a tow truck strong enough to pull […]

  • Children of Mother Earth

    Children of Mother Earth (Kinderen van Moeder Aarde) Thea Beckman I love this book (actually I love all of Thea Beckman’s books). It’s such a shame it’s not been translated into English. I read this soon after I’d moved to the Netherlands at about the same time as I started reading Astrid Lindgren’s books. I […]