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• writing webtexts for a fibre optics business - we're talking connectivity • And I've actually got some time available - why not get in touch? I'd love to help you with your English texts.

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  • Not quite cross-cultural desserts

    The theme for last night’s Great British Bake Off was desserts. It was a bevy of sweetness with creme brulées, Spanish Windtortes (a massive meringue cake) and triple cheesecakes. Yum yum all round at the Great British dinner table. So this morning I ask my eldest what she would say was a classic Dutch dessert. […]

  • ZiuZ for Frisian Enterprise of the Year

    I like how the business world can be so varied. There are those companies that are continually in the forefront of our lives, giving us light bulbs, computers, food. And there are those companies whose services are in the background, maybe helping make our lives a little better or safer. ZiuZ is one of the latter […]

  • Ready for the show!

    It’s a big weekend for business in my home town of Akkrum. Some 90 businesses will be showing off their wares at a local business fair they’ve called Reusachtig85. From the local butcher, baker and motorboat-maker to the local tax advisor, sports club and lowly copywriter/translator (that’s me!). It’s been all go for the organisers […]